Dehradun Club: Former president of the Dehradun Bar Association enters the club in opposition to dress code.

Dehradun: In opposition to the enforced dress code at Dehradun Club (Dehradun Club Limited), former president of Dehradun Bar Association, Manmohan Kandwal, entered the club on Saturday wearing Indian attire (dhoti-kurta) to acquire membership. During this, he discussed membership with the club’s managing committee officials and also demanded the inclusion of Indian attire in the club’s dress code. The officials expressed their inability to grant membership at the moment and provided him with information about the club’s constitution. According to Sunit Mehra, the president of Dehradun Club, the members run the club. The decision rests with the members. This issue has been raised for the first time in front of him. It will be discussed in the next house meeting. Efforts will be made to pass this proposal.

According to Manmohan Kandwal, former president of Dehradun Bar Association, the English have left, but their rules and regulations still prevail in Dehradun Club. He was informed that western attire is still given priority in the club. Those wearing Indian attire (dhoti-kurta) are not allowed entry into the club. He arrived at the club on Saturday wearing dhoti-kurta to acquire membership. During this, he met with the club’s president, Sunit Mehra. When he mentioned membership, he was informed that membership is currently full, and he was handed a list of club rules.

He said that even in the Supreme Court, he appears wearing a dhoti, although there is a dress code there as well. The club is preparing its own uniform. This is a wrong tradition. He will soon start a movement against it. If necessary, he can knock on the court’s door in this matter.

Opposition to this matter

Dehradun Club currently has approximately 2500 members. The club has implemented a dress code of pants and shirt. However, if a club member is wearing a T-shirt, kurta-pajama, Pathani suit, sandals, shorts, scarf, or cap, they may be allowed inside the club, but they will not be served food.

BJP leader creates a ruckus in kurta-pajama

On Friday night, a BJP leader arrived at Dehradun Club in kurta-pajama with his relatives. It is said that he is a member of the club but was not served food. He got angry about this and expressed his frustration to the staff, and filed a written complaint at the Dalanwala police station. Rajesh Sah, the in-charge inspector of Dalanwala police station, said that the complainant filed an oral complaint, following which CCTV footage was also examined at the club on Saturday. The matter is being investigated.

Namaskar Live

सोशल मीडिया के इस दौर में खबरों को लेकर भ्रांतियां पैदा हो रही है। ऐसे में आम पाठक को सही खबरें नहीं मिल पा रही है। उसे हकीकत और तथ्यपूर्ण खबरों से रूबरू कराने के लिए ही मैंने यह पोर्टल बनाया है। संपादक तनुजा जोशी

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