You will be shocked to hear what Elvish Yadav said to Saurabh Joshi about Bigg Boss

Elvish Yadav: Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav is already a well-known name on social media. He interacts with the fans every time through the blog and wins hearts with his different content. Meanwhile, fans are loving the latest video in which he is seen having fun in an expensive car with his friend India's number one blogger Saurabh Joshi.During this, people are liking his vlog a lot. In the video, he revealed that he is riding on his friend Saurabh Joshi's Porsche which costs Rs 2.1 crore. During this, Elvish has also been seen giving advice to Saurabh regarding Bigg Boss.

Delhi: Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, is in a lot of discussion these days. After winning Bigg Boss, he continues to be the heartthrob of every youth. At the same time, India’s number one blogger Saurabh Joshi is liked by people of all classes. Saurabh Joshi has bought a new super car Porsche. Meanwhile, he also met Elvish Yadav. During the meeting, there was a conversation between the two about Big Boss. Saurabh Joshi congratulated Elvish for winning Bigg Boss and asked about his experience with Bigg Boss

Why did Elvish tell Saurabh to forget Big Boss then?

Elvish Yadav said on the question of Saurabh Joshi going to Big Boss that if you want more followers then you should go to Big Boss. But, if you want to have a personal life, stay away from stress, then forget it. Saurabh says I don’t want to go for followers, I want to go for experience. On this, Elvish says that when you go to Bigg Boss, all these things will automatically come along with the experience. Elvish says that to tell the truth, my stress has increased after going to Bigg Boss. Personal level, financial level as well as public level. If so asked, I am happy.

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सोशल मीडिया के इस दौर में खबरों को लेकर भ्रांतियां पैदा हो रही है। ऐसे में आम पाठक को सही खबरें नहीं मिल पा रही है। उसे हकीकत और तथ्यपूर्ण खबरों से रूबरू कराने के लिए ही मैंने यह पोर्टल बनाया है। संपादक तनुजा जोशी

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